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Mission Statement
It is our mission to provide the highest quality of care to our patients by highly trained and qualified staff through evidence-based practice, promoting health and wellness; timely recovery following injury, debilitation, or surgical intervention; return to prior level of function and independence in daily activities, work, and recreation, to service the people of our community and industry.
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Dartfish is state-of-the-art video analysis software utilized in rehabilitation facilities.  Dartfish allows the clinician to analyze detailed aspects of performance both before and after training.   In rehabilitation, specific tasks analyzed include gait, throwing mechanics, hitting form, and golf swing.  Dartfish provides the ability to freeze patient positions to better assess joint angles and other biomechanics. 

Dartfish allows the patient to receive instant visual feedback through an overhead monitor.  The clinician is able to provide immediate cueing to the athlete/patient allowing the patient to self-correct.  Dartfish contains multiple drawing tools which allow a more detailed breakdown of movement components.  This gives the patient a greater awareness of their abnormal movement patterns.  Research shows that patients respond better to correction when they receive both verbal and visual feedback.

Dartfish is the most advanced video technology available on the market.  It is the primary training tool for the Olympic games, multiple major league baseball teams, select universities, nascar teams, and more.  Dartfish is used worldwide and has received multiple awards for its superior sports technology.